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ONE: Dogs, Human Think, Act Alike

I just read a news article today about one of my favourite animals, dogs! According to research published in the journal of Animal Cognition, dogs are found to truly be man’s best friend if a person is upset, even if the person is a stranger. Having a dog myself, i’ve found that it is precise that they do know whenever people are upset. Something about the aura we give out and how they’re highly sensitive to that.

“I think there is good reason to suspect dogs would be more sensitive to human emotion than other species. We have domesticated dogs over a long period of time. We have selectively bred them to act as our companions.” -Deborah Custance, 2012

An experiment was done by Custance and colleague Jennifer Mayer from the Department of Psychology at the University London Goldsmiths College where 18 dogs, representing different ages and breeds, were exposed to four separate 20-second human encounters. The participants included the pet’s owner as well as strangers.

It is interesting that the dogs showed signs of comfort when the individual pretended to cry, regardless of whether they were their owners or mere strangers.

In another experiment, Matthew Campbell, an assistant professor in Georgia State University’s Department of Psychology claimed, “Dogs show contagious yawning to human yawns.”

Tried this on my pup and she proved the experiment right too!

TWO: Cheers, Furbs!

Google Alert led me to a blog talking about dogs, again. But this time not only do dogs act alike when humans are upset or yawning, humans have a fetish for beer too (just like some of us alcoholics). Like many of the other pet lovers, I’ve always thought that beer, like chocolate and onions, would be bad for these little creatures. However, I’ve been proved wrong!

“It won’t really harm the pet to give him/her a small amount, but just like anyone, a dog can also get alcohol poisoning from over consumption. The other problem, and this is really serious, is that dogs can turn into alcoholics faster than humans.” –Wiki Answers

Just remember:

  • Give in extreme moderation
  • They’re little, so it takes much less to get them tipsy!

So I guess it wasn’t such a serious act, giving Furby the occasional pamper of beer.

Here’s a picture of my beloved and her guilty pleasure:

Furby the alcoholic.


3 days ago was Malaysia’s 55th Independence Day. Sadly, i wasn’t back home to celebrate along with the rest of the Malaysians 😦 One of the alerts led me to an article saying that Malaysians had 3.6 million tweets posted using the hashtag #merdeka55 (Merdeka meaning independence in Malay) on Malaysia’s Independence Day’s celebration held on August 31.

“Malaysia believes it set a new world twitter record for the most number of twitter messages sent in one hour” – Jerrenn Lam.

Here is a screenshot of a few of the many tweets posted on Twitter:

It is interesting to see a multicultural country participating as one in the publishing of tweets. Social media could possibly bring people together! 🙂