Doubting Castle 1: Internet of Things

Dan Rowinski’s article, “Internet of Things” depicted a revolutionary future where the Internet will be about connecting things. The  Internet of Things is a network of things where anything — cars, tables, coffee machines, lights etc. — can be monitored by the Internet. I’m trying to imagine this situation and i’m thinking one thing.. INCREDIBLE! We would usually only see this amazing degree of advanced technology in the movies, but having it in real life would make life a breeze and so much more convenient than it already is now.

Rowinski explains that in order for this technology to work, all these things would either need their own individual IP address on the Internet or to have the ability to connect to the Internet without one. With, for instance, microwaves or coffee machines having the ability to be programmed by you without physically being there, you can actually have a meal pre-prepared and save all that unnecessary waiting time.

This article has showed me things way beyond my imagination of the possible advancements of technology. The Internet of Things would have an impact on infrastructure, consumer, health care and businesses. One interesting fact is its potential to monitor our vital organs and our blood count and with this data, patients and doctors could aid sicknesses with ways of prevention or better prepare for an occurrence or relapse. Amazing, just amazing.

I found this a real eye-opener. I completely agree and can see why this development might actually take time. This of course doesn’t only take effort from the Internet but also requires improvements from telecommunication companies and manufacturers of appliances who would have to install sensors into every single thing. With this overload of data, there has to be a stable system to be able to contain and organise the data.

This article was inspiring and i have learned the potential of technology in the future as well as how it would work (IP addresses and etc.). If i could live in that day and age, i can only imagine how smoothly things would go. But then of course there would also be the possibilities of malfunction. The more complex things are, the more room for errors!