Infographics of marking feedback

This is an infographic of my marking feedback from the Land of Destruction. I’ve simply included a bar chart of my performance level divided into the 5 categories, and what thought were my weaknesses and strengths!


Student Charter

I have made three significant changes to the student charter for Professional Communication. I’ve added these criterion based on my personal weaknesses and obstacles, yet painting a bigger picture for other Prof Comm students to relate to. My first claim, relating to discrimination, was sparked by how i felt since i first joined this course. Coming to a new country, as expected, i would have learned and gone through experiences that are vastly different from that of RMIT. This meant that to excel in my education, i would have to broaden my mind to accept new technicalities and forms of language that were new to me.

My second criteria relates to the importance of gaining insight and new ideas from peers through teamwork and group discussions. I’ve learned that having opinions from more people would spark new ideas and from those ideas, more brilliant and excellent work could be put together. The collaboration  of both internet database resources and original thoughts of others, for me, have achieved much more than i can on my own.

My third and final criteria is due to my poor time management. These two years of degree, i have come across many other students who face the same problem (trying to juggle work, studies, personal time and a much needed social life). It’s important to always have enough time allocated to complete work, as without it, people would usually produce work that lacks insight and originality. It’s important to know our priorities. Plus, it’s never a good thing losing sleep!

Experience in File Sharing

I’ve always been embarrassed of sharing anything that i’ve done, due to the lack of confidence in my own abilities and capabilities (maybe because there’s not much there to begin with). The requirement of sharing my insight on lectures and blogs to excel in this course wasn’t something i’ve done very well. However, i would have to admit that receiving likes and comments (whether good or bad) would drive and guide me to improve on my writing abilities. Criticisms are bound to come by. All i have to do, really, is to use them to produce better work.

Experience in Collaborative Editing

I have never been a fan or fond of working together with strangers as a team. I’ve always had the idea that working alone would be more efficient because i could leave out the unnecessary debates and compromises. However, working together would definitely trigger new ideas through the collision of smaller ideas from peers.For collaborative editing to work, it would be essential to have all team mates contribute an equal amount to prevent disputes and petty fights (which would waste valuable time) about who’s doing more work and who’s not putting in enough effort. I personally think it is difficult cooperating with people and thus important that there are no team mates who demands the final essay. 

Enchanted Ground 3: Locative Media

Just a short, random story:

I was sitting at my usual spot, taking long drags off my third cigarette in half an hour, after a stressful day in class. Finally, i had some time to myself to just chill and relax, take a breather. I looked around the all familiar surroundings of RMIT before spotting a girl, dressed fully in black, sitting at the steps of Building 9 looking rather upset. I was truly concerned as to why she looked so down, so I stubbed my cigarette out against the brick wall before approaching her. I invited myself to an empty spot beside her and asked her what was wrong. She didn’t say a word, leaned against my shoulder, and burst out into tears.

She was a stranger to me, but somehow, i felt i understood her. It was wrong to think i’ve been living some of the worst days. There are people who suffer more, and i should be more grateful.

She thanked me for the friendly gesture with a smile before we parted ways, like we’ve never met.

Google alert

ONE: Dogs, Human Think, Act Alike

I just read a news article today about one of my favourite animals, dogs! According to research published in the journal of Animal Cognition, dogs are found to truly be man’s best friend if a person is upset, even if the person is a stranger. Having a dog myself, i’ve found that it is precise that they do know whenever people are upset. Something about the aura we give out and how they’re highly sensitive to that.

“I think there is good reason to suspect dogs would be more sensitive to human emotion than other species. We have domesticated dogs over a long period of time. We have selectively bred them to act as our companions.” -Deborah Custance, 2012

An experiment was done by Custance and colleague Jennifer Mayer from the Department of Psychology at the University London Goldsmiths College where 18 dogs, representing different ages and breeds, were exposed to four separate 20-second human encounters. The participants included the pet’s owner as well as strangers.

It is interesting that the dogs showed signs of comfort when the individual pretended to cry, regardless of whether they were their owners or mere strangers.

In another experiment, Matthew Campbell, an assistant professor in Georgia State University’s Department of Psychology claimed, “Dogs show contagious yawning to human yawns.”

Tried this on my pup and she proved the experiment right too!

TWO: Cheers, Furbs!

Google Alert led me to a blog talking about dogs, again. But this time not only do dogs act alike when humans are upset or yawning, humans have a fetish for beer too (just like some of us alcoholics). Like many of the other pet lovers, I’ve always thought that beer, like chocolate and onions, would be bad for these little creatures. However, I’ve been proved wrong!

“It won’t really harm the pet to give him/her a small amount, but just like anyone, a dog can also get alcohol poisoning from over consumption. The other problem, and this is really serious, is that dogs can turn into alcoholics faster than humans.” –Wiki Answers

Just remember:

  • Give in extreme moderation
  • They’re little, so it takes much less to get them tipsy!

So I guess it wasn’t such a serious act, giving Furby the occasional pamper of beer.

Here’s a picture of my beloved and her guilty pleasure:

Furby the alcoholic.


3 days ago was Malaysia’s 55th Independence Day. Sadly, i wasn’t back home to celebrate along with the rest of the Malaysians 😦 One of the alerts led me to an article saying that Malaysians had 3.6 million tweets posted using the hashtag #merdeka55 (Merdeka meaning independence in Malay) on Malaysia’s Independence Day’s celebration held on August 31.

“Malaysia believes it set a new world twitter record for the most number of twitter messages sent in one hour” – Jerrenn Lam.

Here is a screenshot of a few of the many tweets posted on Twitter:

It is interesting to see a multicultural country participating as one in the publishing of tweets. Social media could possibly bring people together! 🙂

We all hate spams

Bloggers would all find spams downright irritating. We all chase for comments and feedback from people to know where we’re lacking and how to improve the quality of our blog. However, it agitates us like mad whenever what we’re receiving aren’t genuine comments from people, but instead spams from robots disguised as people.

Being a blogger who has experienced this myself, i have found that in order to recognise a spam, the comments usually have:

  • keywords instead of a name in the name field
  • links promoting things you are not interested in
  • words along the lines of “nice post”
  • no relevance to the topic of your post/blog
  • no proper feedback
  • a language different than the one you are using

Besides the usual form of ignorance, i personally think not taking those comments to heart and disregarding them completely would be a good idea. Just pick out comments which you feel would benefit you and help you to improve your blogging skills.

To overcome this problem, bloggers can download a free plug-in like Akismet (created by WordPress as well) as it can detect and catch spams. Although getting spams would mean that that particular blog is recognised in search engines, it is still something we would all like to avoid.

If that’s exactly what’s bothering you now, click here to solve your problem 🙂