The revolutionary app phenomenon

We’re all familiar with the ‘app’ phenomenon only after the production and release of the first Apple iPhone, but do you know that one of the first apps were actually launched way back in 1998? However, because technology then lacked a device which could support these apps, they never really gained popularity until 2007 (along with the craze that accompanied that of the iPhone). Before today’s all-familiar Apple App Store, apps were initially only available through Safari. Apple only launched the App Store in 2008 to tackle developers, who created their very own unofficial App Store and third-party apps downloaded through what they called “Installer“.

Apple’s AppStore gradually grew and grew, reaching a total of about 500,000 apps available for download. Moreover, with Android phones and iPads joining the market, people have grown so dependent on it. Besides the entertaining action games and mind-boggling puzzles, there’s an app for almost anything! An app to wake you up, to monitor women’s menstrual cycles or pregnancy, to remind you of appointments and groceries to stock up on, to edit your photos and keep yourself updated on all social networking sites.

Being an iPhone user myself, i’m going to introduce (if you don’t already know) and recommend three of what i think are the most useful apps that i have come across:

1. Shazam

Ever encountered a situation where you walk into a club or just a random retail store and they’re playing a catchy tune which got you thinking “I need that on my playlist”, but you have no way to find out what song that is unless a) you walk up to the salesgirl/DJ and ask for its title or b) you quickly struggle to make out the lyrics of the song and search it on Google? Well, since Shazam, i have never had to feel like that again.

All you have to do is put your phone near the source of the music that you like, record about 20 seconds of it and then BAAM!, the title, artist, album and lyrics of the song is all yours, safely stored in the “Tags” category of the app. I guess this app would appeal to people who, like me, think “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE!”

2. Flipboard

Before hearing about Flipboard from a close friend of mine, i used to have to browse through a crazy number of apps a day just to keep myself updated on every social networking site, newspaper and magazine app. Now Flipboard is just amazing because it offers the integration of all these information into one platform. By “flipping” the board, i can access Facebook updates, tweets, daily news (even backdated ones), my favourite fashion magazines and daily horoscope updates either altogether in one, or by category. I know, it’s quite hard to understand my explanations but i guess a preview of the app will make it easier for you to understand.

With the convenience of having everything in one, the ease of just “flipping” with one finger to skip to the next page and the attractive and user-friendly layout, i think Flipboard is just amazing!

3. My Timetable

Now this is exclusively handy for students who like keep things organised and viewing their class timetables in a proper, practical and colourful format instead of just jotting it down on a piece of paper or saving it on their phones. Or maybe could cater to just anybody who keeps a routine, lacks time management or likes keeping their upcoming days or weeks organised. This app cost me $0.99 but i actually thought it was worth paying for. My Timetable allows you to keep an endless list of timetables and even have those emailed to you as an emergency backup. It might not appeal to the majority and people might find it ridiculous to pay for an app like this but among all other timetable apps that i have downloaded, i found this the easiest to adapt to and the least dull and boring to view from.

With the prevalence and the certain continuing development of apps like these, phones with the ability to support this technology have become a necessity to a lot of people around the world. I, myself, have become very dependent on my iPhone to not only manage my time and keep myself organised but also get me through the boring, time-consuming train rides with informational and fun apps. With more companies and organisations starting to involve themselves in this phenomenon with the creation of an app for themselves, the world would definitely be more connected and integrated that accessing official websites through web browsers wouldn’t be necessary anymore. How convenient! 🙂


Namewee stands for what he believes in.

Hi, this choice of topic is spontaneous as hell. I am currently experiencing the most severe degree of writers’ block. I am blank, for real. But i was browsing through Youtube today and came across a few videos uploaded by Namewee which caught my attention. This video contains the remake of our Malaysian national song by Namewee.

This is one of the first songs Namewee sang that caused him to gain increasing popularity, as the lyrics expressed what he thought about Malaysia. This song completely shocked the Malaysian government and society and was extremely controversial. Many praised it in agreement but many criticised it in disbelief as well.

As you would already know, Malaysia is made up of many different ethnicities and to get along would mean a lot of compromise from all sides of the country. However, with vast inequality between races and classes of society, it has been a struggle to reach a form of equilibrium, harmony and peace.

This video could be seen from different points of view. Many would say that Namewee is condemning Malaysia and its citizens as he sings in Chinese about how the government treats different ethnicities differently and how the Chinese are not given equal opportunities in education.

After browsing through many of his videos, i sort of understand where Namewee is coming from. But i don’t really agree with this form of approach as using the Malaysian national song is quite disrespectful. However, the lyrics does contain a lot of truth about how my home country functions.

Sadly, there is barely enough freedom of speech to say that.


Hello, i am very behind on my work. This is making me extremely nervous. Some people might say that they work better under pressure and i found that true myself when i was younger but nowadays, i find that i crack under pressure and give up instead. Thank god, i am sitting in the library now trying to catch up before i reach that point of time. Virgos are meant to be one of the most neat and organised people among the 12 horoscopes, and as much as i believe in horoscopes, i haven’t seen how this organisation actually applies to me.

However, i do have a sort of cure. Something that makes me feel calm, and relaxed. Puts me in a better condition to use my brains more efficiently. Music!

Here is the link to one of my favourite indie bands.

They’re called Two Door Cinema Club. If you have a particular liking for indie music, i’m sure you’d like this one.