Plan finalised

So we’ve got everything finalised and it seems the music video is progressing very well. Almost done, Seb said. We will be launching the music video at Freya’s last day of performance at the Fringe Festival which is actually convenient for all of us. Of course then we wouldn’t feel the whole satisfaction and achievement of holding a launch party for Freya but the music video in itself is definitely good enough.

Because of the change in plans, all our promotional material must be designed, printed out and distributed earlier than planned. We would also have to adjust the content we would be putting in. As the Fringe Festival would already have their own set of promotional material in creating awareness, our group will be only be promoting the final day of her performance and emphasising on the music video launch. Everything’s a bit hectic now as we have to rush through these things and distribute everything by this week.

Since the change of plans took away my responsibilities of looking for writers, I guess this is one of the things which makes up for it. I’ve helped out with the poster design and I would have to say, my photoshop skills are probably next to nothing. I learned a lot today though. Jeff was helpful in teaching me the basics. Seb did the final editing of the poster design and we are ready for distribution! YAY!


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