Plan finalised

So we’ve got everything finalised and it seems the music video is progressing very well. Almost done, Seb said. We will be launching the music video at Freya’s last day of performance at the Fringe Festival which is actually convenient for all of us. Of course then we wouldn’t feel the whole satisfaction and achievement of holding a launch party for Freya but the music video in itself is definitely good enough.

Because of the change in plans, all our promotional material must be designed, printed out and distributed earlier than planned. We would also have to adjust the content we would be putting in. As the Fringe Festival would already have their own set of promotional material in creating awareness, our group will be only be promoting the final day of her performance and emphasising on the music video launch. Everything’s a bit hectic now as we have to rush through these things and distribute everything by this week.

Since the change of plans took away my responsibilities of looking for writers, I guess this is one of the things which makes up for it. I’ve helped out with the poster design and I would have to say, my photoshop skills are probably next to nothing. I learned a lot today though. Jeff was helpful in teaching me the basics. Seb did the final editing of the poster design and we are ready for distribution! YAY!


Good news, bad news

GOOD NEWS: We have found a location!

BAD NEWS: Freya had a misunderstanding with the arrangements and thought that she didn’t have to perform at the 5th October Launch Party we originally planned.

So, we had a few options..

1. Change it to a CD-signing/meet and greet event but of course it wouldn’t be cost-friendly for the team as we would have to fork out money to rent the place

2. Move the music video launch to the last performance of her Fringe Festival

We would surely have to talk to her manager about this and discuss if it it alright. Let’s all hope it all turns out okay! The whole team is feeling a bit panicky now as things are not going the way it was initially planned. Everyone is starting to feel like everything is starting to fall apart and the world is going to end. But I’m sure we’ll work it out somehow.

On another note, today is the first day of Freya’s performance at the Fringe Festival. Wishing her the best of luck!

Music Video Shoot

We just finished with the three-day shoot. The team had it all planned out rather well and I felt helpless that I wasn’t useful in any way.

Day 1 was at Seb and Luke’s apartment and Seb shot scenes of Freya with the ‘boyfriend’ in the music video. We had a pretty tough time setting up the lanterns as the poles were high up and we had to climb up and down ladders. It being my first experience, I actually thought I had a lot to gain. I have never been at a set, even after three years of taking this course. Maybe that’s because I never have had much interest in anything media, or technical. It is a proven fact that I have no flair or talent for recording videos or taking pretty pictures. So it was nice, to be able to get to it hands on and to also be able to watch Seb working with the camera like a true professional and Luke pushing the dolly up and down the carpark. Nice to have group members who knows exactly what they’re doing. We were done probably around 10 and we helped to packed all the equipment up. And it’s a wrap.

Day 2 was again at Luke and Seb’s apartment but the shots were only of Freya playing the piano. We didn’t have to hang up the lanterns that day which was such a relief as they were placed on the floor around her. Seb took so many shot; from the top, from the left, from the right. There were so many light adjustments throughout the shoot and there was so much work to be done. Throughout, I was just either helping to move tiny things around or just sitting down watching him do it. There was nothing much I could do to help, honestly, except stay around for moral support and then wait until the end to pack stuff up.


Day 3 was at Freya’s place but I didn’t get to attend that. But the boys said it was good and a breeze, so I’m sure that’s what it was.