Week 4

After our meeting with Freya, we found out that we had to work along Freya’s busy schedule. It will be full on and intense for both her and our group as she will be performing at the Fringe four days in four weeks and we’d have to get the music video shot and edited before her first performance. We will be shooting it in a couple of weeks and Jeff and Seb will be planning all the shots of the music video and organising the renting of equipments and purchasing the props.

Freya passed us a few of her songs for us to decide which we liked best and we’ve decided on ‘Tiger’. The lyrics has a  storyline of Freya’s old and new love and we thought that it was best to go with this, as it will suit the storytelling theme Freya is going for during her Fringe performance.

This is how The Tiger sounds:


Week 3

We are meeting her this week, all of us! We’ve gone through her music and we’ve organized a detailed plan of what we have laid out for her. Our group is separated into the Media and the PR/Marketing team. We also have a timeline of the things we have to do and this weekend will be the time we pitch our idea to Freya. We will be meeting her in person and getting to know her so that we can better represent her style visually and physically. It is truly exciting.

Week 2

We were put into our respective groups this week, where we will be working with one another until the very end. I’m a bit intimidated about how this is going to play out because like I said, working in groups is not my forte. All four groups are doing absolutely different things and I enjoy seeing the diversity in choices. The group I’m in is dealing with an indie artist as our client, Freya Bennett. I’ve honestly only found out about her today and I am quite excited to know her as a person and see what we as a group can do to help her.

Basically, we will be filming a music video for one of her singles. We will also be focusing on helping her gain popularity by spreading the word about her and increasing awareness among our friends and the public. We have also talked about organizing her YouTube videos and helping her with her social media updates. In today’s day and age, social networking evidently the most influential and viral. It’s all sounding good and all we need now is her green light. Fingers crossed!