Week 1

Interdisciplinary Communication Project, I had absolutely no idea what to look forward to just by reading the course title. I had a slight idea, through the course guide, that I might learn and experience from this course is how to cooperate with people of different cultures and interest and how to put aside myself as an individual to shine as a team. I didn’t choose to participate in this course because I thought I worked well with people, or that I knew I had much to offer to a group project. The main reason why I did it was because I knew well that working together with other people was a weakness, and I wanted to challenge myself. Mom used to tell me how my attitude of not compromising with people around me and me lacking consideration would put me in a bad position when I actually enter the working world. I agreed completely.

The very class of this course still hasn’t given me the slightest idea of what is to come in the future weeks. All we did was brainstorm to come up with ideas for the final project. There were ideas about fashion music videos and a project to help make networking with people easier. Those ideas put out made me even more confused but that’s okay, Christina said we would understand it better soon.