Link to my project: http://www.themediastudents.net/im1/2013/jeanni.foo/

My texts were brief and straight to the point, so it doesn’t require the viewer to read a whole passage of text to understand the meaning and purpose of the video. Some of the texts described the videos literally, some were playful and some could only be understood with a little background knowledge. There wasn’t a specific theme to the texts because the videos were didn’t classify under a similar theme. I’ve written texts as literal as “what puts me to sleep” and more playful texts like “walk with me”. I didn’t create the text to have much effect on the viewer, because I want the videos to be interpreted based on their own personal experiences. People can actually get so much more out of a video when they watch it with an open mind instead of having everything laid out for them.

As the videos are all different, I tried to find general common things about the videos instead of using the names of objects in the videos. This enabled me to make a wider connection between the videos, as it isn’t likely that all the videos or most of them would have the same objects in them. I used broader and  more general keywords like being ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ because for all videos you are bound to either be indoors or outdoors. I think these two categories pretty much helped in tying everything together.

In terms of following the briefs of every constrained task, I believe my videos fall within the guidelines. Thinking of a theme when putting the videos together was a bit tough as the briefs were very different and some completely irrelevant to each other. Although I thought some of my videos turned out well, seeing other people’s work made me realize that there are other ways of tackling a task rather than doing things too literally. I was very happy when I saw the final piece of my Korsakow film. I particularly liked the small texts, but I hope people will not find it hard to read. I thought it created a nostalgic feeling. As all the videos were mostly of things around me or of things that are dear to me, the videos could actually contribute to the kind of vibe I was going for. I think my work was a success because all the videos came together very nicely even though at first was all over the place. The unrelated tiny bits and pieces are easy to comprehend and appreciate.

In this task, firstly, I’ve definitely learned how to use a program that is completely foreign to me. I’ve learned to notice and appreciate the things around me better. I’ve learned different techniques of recording videos and enhancing these videos with visual or sound effects that increases its impact on people. I think the most important thing I’ve learned through completing this task is thinking out of the box. I’ve never been a creative person all my life and seeing that people around me can interpret one thing in so many different ways has been an amazing experience.