Student Charter

I have made three significant changes to the student charter for Professional Communication. I’ve added these criterion based on my personal weaknesses and obstacles, yet painting a bigger picture for other Prof Comm students to relate to. My first claim, relating to discrimination, was sparked by how i felt since i first joined this course. Coming to a new country, as expected, i would have learned and gone through experiences that are vastly different from that of RMIT. This meant that to excel in my education, i would have to broaden my mind to accept new technicalities and forms of language that were new to me.

My second criteria relates to the importance of gaining insight and new ideas from peers through teamwork and group discussions. I’ve learned that having opinions from more people would spark new ideas and from those ideas, more brilliant and excellent work could be put together. The collaboration  of both internet database resources and original thoughts of others, for me, have achieved much more than i can on my own.

My third and final criteria is due to my poor time management. These two years of degree, i have come across many other students who face the same problem (trying to juggle work, studies, personal time and a much needed social life). It’s important to always have enough time allocated to complete work, as without it, people would usually produce work that lacks insight and originality. It’s important to know our priorities. Plus, it’s never a good thing losing sleep!

Experience in File Sharing

I’ve always been embarrassed of sharing anything that i’ve done, due to the lack of confidence in my own abilities and capabilities (maybe because there’s not much there to begin with). The requirement of sharing my insight on lectures and blogs to excel in this course wasn’t something i’ve done very well. However, i would have to admit that receiving likes and comments (whether good or bad) would drive and guide me to improve on my writing abilities. Criticisms are bound to come by. All i have to do, really, is to use them to produce better work.

Experience in Collaborative Editing

I have never been a fan or fond of working together with strangers as a team. I’ve always had the idea that working alone would be more efficient because i could leave out the unnecessary debates and compromises. However, working together would definitely trigger new ideas through the collision of smaller ideas from peers.For collaborative editing to work, it would be essential to have all team mates contribute an equal amount to prevent disputes and petty fights (which would waste valuable time) about who’s doing more work and who’s not putting in enough effort. I personally think it is difficult cooperating with people and thus important that there are no team mates who demands the final essay. 


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