Enchanted Ground 3: Locative Media

Just a short, random story:

I was sitting at my usual spot, taking long drags off my third cigarette in half an hour, after a stressful day in class. Finally, i had some time to myself to just chill and relax, take a breather. I looked around the all familiar surroundings of RMIT before spotting a girl, dressed fully in black, sitting at the steps of Building 9 looking rather upset. I was truly concerned as to why she looked so down, so I stubbed my cigarette out against the brick wall before approaching her. I invited myself to an empty spot beside her and asked her what was wrong. She didn’t say a word, leaned against my shoulder, and burst out into tears.

She was a stranger to me, but somehow, i felt i understood her. It was wrong to think i’ve been living some of the worst days. There are people who suffer more, and i should be more grateful.

She thanked me for the friendly gesture with a smile before we parted ways, like we’ve never met.


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