Comparing search engines

Hello! I did a search on child genius using three different search engines this morning — Google, DuckDuckGo and Instagrok.

Google presented its results in organised lists where text, images and videos were categorised properly. You can choose to show results in the form of images or videos only, which could accomodate to showing more accurate results. Google has thumbnail previews of each result so it’s easy to know what to expect from each search. With Google’s recent update, you can even narrow down your search by choosing if you want your results coming from Yahoo, Twitter, Tumblr, eBay, Amazon, WordPress and many more other websites. This search engines is one of the most easily adaptable as it uses a layout that is simple, organised and easy to read from.

DuckDuckGo showed similar results to that of Google but wasn’t as organised. It didn’t have category in tabs or much visual, which made it quite boring to research from. Results in the forms of text, images and videos were all jumbled up and it was hard to tell or to differentiate what form they were in or which website they were from. DuckDuckGo only shows thumbnail previews for text results but no previews at all for images and videos, even if the result is from a well-known website like YouTube. However, i did like the fact that right at the top of the results would always automatically be a definition of your search, followed by social networking sites (if available) of your search.

Instagrok is vastly different from both Google and DuckDuckGo. This search engine has a unique way of presenting their results. It presented the results of my search in a graph consisting of key terms which i can choose from to further specify and narrow down my search. So, in my case, “child genius” branched out into words like “age”, “brain”, “piano”, “memory” and then these words, when clicked on, would further branch out into more key terms. It looked very organised at first but after exploring this search engine, i feel that it is more difficult to do research. Sometimes people who do research prefer to have a broader and wider finding to get a general view on a particular topic. With Instagrok trying to narrow down things, it is a big possibility that we miss out on some things that could have been useful information just because it was in another category.


I personally would still prefer using Google when doing any kind of search because it is always in order. Google, to me, is the easiest to locate the information i am looking for.


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