We all hate spams

Bloggers would all find spams downright irritating. We all chase for comments and feedback from people to know where we’re lacking and how to improve the quality of our blog. However, it agitates us like mad whenever what we’re receiving aren’t genuine comments from people, but instead spams from robots disguised as people.

Being a blogger who has experienced this myself, i have found that in order to recognise a spam, the comments usually have:

  • keywords instead of a name in the name field
  • links promoting things you are not interested in
  • words along the lines of “nice post”
  • no relevance to the topic of your post/blog
  • no proper feedback
  • a language different than the one you are using

Besides the usual form of ignorance, i personally think not taking those comments to heart and disregarding them completely would be a good idea. Just pick out comments which you feel would benefit you and help you to improve your blogging skills.

To overcome this problem, bloggers can download a free plug-in like Akismet (created by WordPress as well) as it can detect and catch spams. Although getting spams would mean that that particular blog is recognised in search engines, it is still something we would all like to avoid.

If that’s exactly what’s bothering you now, click here to solve your problem 🙂


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