Namewee stands for what he believes in.

Hi, this choice of topic is spontaneous as hell. I am currently experiencing the most severe degree of writers’ block. I am blank, for real. But i was browsing through Youtube today and came across a few videos uploaded by Namewee which caught my attention. This video contains the remake of our Malaysian national song by Namewee.

This is one of the first songs Namewee sang that caused him to gain increasing popularity, as the lyrics expressed what he thought about Malaysia. This song completely shocked the Malaysian government and society and was extremely controversial. Many praised it in agreement but many criticised it in disbelief as well.

As you would already know, Malaysia is made up of many different ethnicities and to get along would mean a lot of compromise from all sides of the country. However, with vast inequality between races and classes of society, it has been a struggle to reach a form of equilibrium, harmony and peace.

This video could be seen from different points of view. Many would say that Namewee is condemning Malaysia and its citizens as he sings in Chinese about how the government treats different ethnicities differently and how the Chinese are not given equal opportunities in education.

After browsing through many of his videos, i sort of understand where Namewee is coming from. But i don’t really agree with this form of approach as using the Malaysian national song is quite disrespectful. However, the lyrics does contain a lot of truth about how my home country functions.

Sadly, there is barely enough freedom of speech to say that.


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