Hello, i am very behind on my work. This is making me extremely nervous. Some people might say that they work better under pressure and i found that true myself when i was younger but nowadays, i find that i crack under pressure and give up instead. Thank god, i am sitting in the library now trying to catch up before i reach that point of time. Virgos are meant to be one of the most neat and organised people among the 12 horoscopes, and as much as i believe in horoscopes, i haven’t seen how this organisation actually applies to me.

However, i do have a sort of cure. Something that makes me feel calm, and relaxed. Puts me in a better condition to use my brains more efficiently. Music!

Here is the link to one of my favourite indie bands.

They’re called Two Door Cinema Club. If you have a particular liking for indie music, i’m sure you’d like this one.



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